By Heart

He’s not going to buy squat from you. Bet you I could get him over to Between the Sheets and spending some bucks.” “Tanisha said, pushing Cindy aside and setting off to stalk Cyndy’s potential buyer. Cyndy wasn’t about to let that happen. She cut Tanisha off mid- path.

    “You have customers waiting. I can handle this.” Cyndy turned to the customer in the expensive – looking camel coat.  Peter helping another woman, smothered a grin and went back to showing his customer an intricate cuckoo clock.  “May I help you?

   The man set down the handmade quilt he’d been fingering. and raised his head. Their eyes connected, and Cyndy’s heart rate went up a beat. “Jacques what are you doing here?”

   I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by to see you.”               

   Cyndy’s tongue felt as if it was tied in a double loop. She pulled herself together in time to say. “Did your package arrive on time?”     

   “It did, Cheri. I can’t thank you enough. We are still on for tonight, oui?”

   “We are.”  

   Conscious of Tanisha gawking. Cyndy linked an arm through Jacques and, led him to the side. “Pay no attention to that woman. She sees only dollar signs. Her goal is to get you over to Between the Sheets and spending money.”

   Jacques flashed his whites, his eyebrows jiggling.  “Between the sheets. Now that’s an idea.”