Change of Heart

Shayna Da Costa was a major babe. In her skimpy athletic getup she radiated energy and confidence. Beau couldn’t take his eyes off her compact little body. Black biking pants molded around strong thigh muscles. She’d coupled those pants with a hot pink, midriff-baring top. A fanny pack was snugly fastened around her slim waist. A gold stud peeked from her belly button and her tiny feet were encased in Nike sneakers. Size five if he had to guess. Hot pink socks with a crocheted border were cuffed around her ankles. She reminded him of Jada Pinkett Smith. A cute chocolate Barbie doll, sleek but still scrumptious enough to eat.

"Heading out to read are we?" Shayna asked, eyeing the book in his lap, broken spine and all. She made a tssking sound. "Looks like you’ve actually been reading or should I say throwing?"

"Just help me with the door prin..." Beau snarled.

"Shayna," she said through clenched teeth.

She stood back to the door. Her crossed arms and raised eyebrows said it all. "There’s a magic word."

Beau felt the heat creep into his cheeks. Better to ignore the smirk on her face and the dressing down she’d not so subtly given him. He had to admire her brass. She was not easily intimidated by him and that was refreshing. Not that there was reason to be awed these days. Beau Hill, the skier was washed up. A has been. An overnight wonder who’d never ski again.