Come Back To Me

Kristie Phillips sat crossing one slender leg over the other. Beautiful legs he might add. Zan had always been a leg man and knew a dynamite pair when he saw them. Kristie Phillips’s blew you away. He cleared his throat using that time to regroup. Ms. Phillips was the client. He must remember that.

Miriam had filled him in. The woman desperately needed his help. Her six year old son had disappeared and her ex-husband was the culprit. Like most other women in her predicament she had very little money but would sell her soul if it meant getting her child back.

Zan had a soft spot for cases like these. He practiced family law and nothing surprised him any more. "Why don’t you start your story from the beginning, Ms. Phillips?" Zan said, taking a set behind the huge mahogany desk he had inherited from his adoptive grandfather who’d also been an attorney...

A heart- shaped face, golden eyes pooling, stared back at him then began.