Eden's Dream

The hypnotic music of George Benson filled the smoky room, weaving its unique magic. For the first time in a long while, Noel felt totally relaxed. Tonight he would go with the flow, let his defenses down and see what happened. He'd perused the phone book, found this tiny rhythm-and-blues club in nearby Tacoma, where he would be just another face in the weekend crowd.

Surreptitiously, he glanced at the tiny dance floor where a handful of couples swayed. His fingers drummed a beat against the table while his feet tapped out a melody. Soon George's tune faded, and Natalie Cole's sultry voice warmed him. He was in seventh heaven. "Unforgettable" was an all-time favorite.

"Let's dance," he said, pushing his chair back and taking Eden's hand.

Eden's eyes sparkled as she silently acquiesced. He could tell by the subtle dip and sway of her shoulders she would be a good dancer. Placing his hand on the small of her back, he maneuvered her through the crowd.

While Eden hadn't exactly accommodated his request for a little black dress, the red mini she'd chosen made his pulse quicken. The slinky number had a generous scoop neck and was almost backless. It sent a provocative message. Somehow he had the distinct feeling she'd chosen it deliberately, knowing it would drive him crazy.

. . .The tempo picked up and Noel loosened his hold on Eden. As he twirled her around, he got an eyeful of shapely legs. He inhaled audibly when her dress hiked up even further giving him a glimpse of golden thighs. What he wouldn't give to have those legs wrapped around his waist. The thought made him miss a step and caused her to stumble.