Islands Apart

The kiss started off as a gentle exploration but soon ratcheted up. Livvy clung to him, and he braced himself against the palm tree’s trunk, supporting them. He had jasmine coming out of his nose, ears and mouth. The tangy taste of Livvy’s lips made him heady with want for a woman that wasn’t his type. Holding her close, made him realize what he’d been missing with all the brainless wonders he’d dated. He liked that she had an opinion and wasn’t afraid of giving it to him.
Their tentative exploration became more intense, driven by an attraction that went way deeper than hormones. Livvy’s breasts were squished against his chest and even through his thin linen shirt he could feel her nipples pebble. He should suggest they take it to her room, but any bold move on his part would have her skittish and she would shut down on him. Being pushy would get him nowhere.
“You kiss like you mean it,” he said against her neck.
“Just following your lead. You’ve had lots of practice.”
Livvy’s husky answer had him imagining what it would be like to have her legs wrapped around his back.
He chose not to confirm or deny her comments. Livvy already had a negative opinion of athletes, and of him. “Then continue to practice with me,” he said, kissing her again, and letting his tongue do the talking.
Livvy returned his kiss with a passion that was barely concealed. That was all the encouragement he needed. His hand cupped the butt that Dan had referred to as rivaling J Lo’s and he pressed into her. She rewarded him with a seductive moan.
“Let’s take this back to your hotel room,” he suggested, forgetting his promise to not pressure her. Things were moving along quickly and sand in the crack of his butt was not what he envisioned while making love for the first time.
Livvy tensed up again and he wished he could recall the words. Would she bolt?
“Mal may already be in bed,” Livvy whispered, as if she were seriously weighing the thought in her head. “ What about your place?.”
“It’s a suite but I have my own room. I’m guessing Mal went home with Rick.”
“I’m not Mal. She tends to live in the moment. I think about the consequences.”
“Newsflash!” Caden said a hand on her breast. “Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and trust your instincts.”
“Break it up” a commanding voice boomed from the darkness. A search light illuminated their faces and they froze. “This isn’t a good time to swim or do anything else you’re contemplating. There’s no life guard on duty, and the muggers are out.”
Another encounter with the police and so soon. Not good.
“You got it, officer,” Caden quickly shouted back, shading his eyes from the blinding light, and grabbing Livvy’s hand. They quickly retraced their steps.
In the lobby, Livvy wrapped her arms around his neck. “I guess that’s that then. Thanks for a lovely evening. I’m suddenly exhausted. I’m going to crash.”
Damn she was backing off and he couldn’t push. His voice was a whisper against her neck, when he said. “How about Ehukai tomorrow? The North shore. The park’s huge and the beach doesn’t get that many tourists. There’s a great view of the Banzai Pipeline. It’s considered a surfer’s paradise.”
He felt her pulse quicken. “Any particular reason you want to go?”
Caden dug the folded police report out of his pants pocket. “My guys have a North Shore address. I’m going to find them and convince them to come clean, or at the very least, talk to my manager.”
“What’s in it for them?” Livvy asked. “They’re not going to admit to a thing without an incentive.”
Here was practical Livvy again, pointing out what he should have figured out on his own.
Caden played his trump card. “I’ll promise not to prosecute. And I’ll come up with something that’s not perceived as a bribe. What if one of these guys is your brother?”
“I’m in,” Livvy said, smothering a yawn. “See you tomorrow, but not at the crack of dawn.”