Loose in Las Vegas

As the midnight hour approached, the noise level in the streets picked up, and Lana popped on her tiara. When in Vegas why not? The partying crowd had already started a countdown and the shouts could be heard over the blaring music. Anticipation was high, and the fireworks set off by the seven selected hotels would start any minute.
As the first strains of Auld Lang Syne filled the air, Cato placed his arm around her waist. The electricity between them sizzled, and the red dress had Lana feeling like she deserved all of this.
“Happy New Year, beautiful,” Cato whispered, linking their fingers together and bringing her up with him. He led her to the furthest side of the cab and kissed her. Lana’s entire body became a mass of tingling nerve endings. She pulsed in all the right places. Wrapping her arms around Cato’s neck, she brought his face close to hers. “Shall we try that again?”
This time she wasn’t sure whether the fireworks were real or in her head. And when his lips touched her, the sparks ignited and became full-fledged flames.
Lana came up for breath to find Alli and Russ on another round of champagne, and pretending to look any place but at them.
“Champagne?” Russ asked. Keeping a blank face, he handed them two flutes. “We’re going to hang out for another twenty minutes or so since hotel doors don’t open again until 12.30. Then we’ll grab breakfast.”
“What do you think, Lana?” Cato asked. “Should we walk The Strip and see why people come to Vegas for the New Year?”
On the street, Lana shouted above the din. “How did you find out about the soup kitchen?” She was still wearing the silly tiara. Tonight she was royalty.
“I made a few phone calls. People volunteer for Christmas, but come New Year’s, no one’s interested in getting poor people fed,” Cato said.
“It’s a nice thing to do.” Lana snuggled up against him.
Cato had an arm around her waist. “It’s just a few hours out of my day, so why not give something back to the community? You are coming with me?”
“I am, and then you’ll come with me to find my friend?”
“Of course I will. You’re adorable, Lana Hunter, and kind.”
“Thanks, and you, Cato Tennille, are the ultimate nice guy.”
How quickly things had changed. She genuinely liked the man. If he was as real as he came across, he would be one helluva catch.
Lana settled the tiara more firmly on her head, thinking too bad she was not looking for something serious, because Cato Tennille would be ideal.