Magnolia Moments

Danielle Lewis takes a leave of absence from her job to go to Eighty-Eight when her father gets ill. Dr. Lewis, a remarried retiree, has recently taken out a large insurance policy then starts getting sick. Dani manages The Delta House temporarily, until the owners return from their cruise.

Bryce Maynard, an executive recruiter comes to Eighty-Eight in search of his biological mother . He is staying at the Delta House. Bryce and Dani from the moment they spot each other have an electrical connection. One small problem, her stepmother may well be his mother..

Faith Goeins, the woman Dr. Lewis married may very well be living a lie. Can the two get past the lies, intrigue and misunderstanding? And what about Bryce's daughter? She's made it clear no one can take the place of her mother . Given all this, can love thrive and survive?