Naughty in New York

“Youse look like youse on honeymoon.” A ruddy driver in a top hat and sparkly overcoat asked, pulling up next to them. “Want a ride around the park?”
Theo doubted there was any honeymoon in their future. But before she knew it, Andy had scooped her up and was seated in the carriage beside her. They set off at a leisurely pace, the clipping clopping of horse hooves making rhythmic sounds on the icy ground. Carols played from a hidden boom box and their driver, comfortable with talking over the music, pointed out familiar sights whose history she had long forgotten.
Andy placed an arm around her shoulders and drew her next to him. “Cold?” He asked.
Theo huddled into her ankle length sheepskin coat, raising the collar. Around her, icicles like giant holiday ornaments hung from trees, turning the park into a winter wonderland. ““Freezing. How did you end up working for Alexandra?”
“I wanted to get back to the States. My sister made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.”
“But isn’t your fiancée in Europe? How’s that going to work?”
“Katrina is no longer my fiancée. I knew we weren’t going to work out. It’s yet another reason I wanted to come home.”
Theo’s tongue practically hung to the floor. Everything was changing way too fast. “But just yesterday Alexandra said she was. Did something happen?”
Andy’s fingers wrapped around hers and he squeezed gently. “I tried to end it before, but Katrina wouldn’t have it. Then I saw you and it became crystal clear and I knew for sure I wasn’t in love with her.”
Theo was no longer the young girl who trusted implicitly, and believed everything she heard. While she wanted to believe what he said was true, too much bad had gone down between them. Her head buzzed as she tried to make sense of it all, listening idly as the driver droned on pointing out the ride’s highlights, places like The Wollman Rink overcrowded with skaters, the Zoo with wrap around lines of holidaymakers, and the Dakota, where John Lennon had been fatally shot.
“I may not be the same person,” was all she could think of to say. Dammit he was sitting way too close to her. She couldn’t think and couldn’t breathe
“No one changes that much.” Andy whispered, sharing memories that made her blush. “Shall we explore and see if the old magic is still there?”
Common sense told her she was crazy for being pulled into something that would have a bad ending. But her heart said this would give her closure. “What did you have in mind?”
Andy brushed his lips against hers, creating a buzz that started in her head and ended in her toes. “Finally, the old Theo is emerging. There’s an event at the MET the day after tomorrow. I want you to be my date and wear that sexy, red dress.”