As a successful radio talk show host, beautiful Charlie Canfield was used to enthusiastic--and harmless--fan mail. But now someone has crossed the line of devotee into the frightening realm of obsession, and Charlie is severly shaken. So when she spots an invitation on the internet to join her college class reunion aboard a luxurious cruise ship, she decides that some R&R would be just the thing to calm her frazzled nerves.

Little did Charlie know that her old flame, Devin Spencer, would be there. Face-to-face after all these years, Devin's smoky eyes still worked their old magic on her, and soon the desire that once flamed between them was burning hotter than ever. But their passionate reunion was quickly interrupted by another shocking note aboard the ship.

Now, someone is getting dangerously closer to Charlie, someone who knows the intimate details of her life. It will take the power of love and Devin's protection to track down the truth, before a stalker ends her dreams--and her life.