Ring in the Holidays

Rianna emitted a throaty moan. “This feels incestuous. We practically grew up together.”
“Yeah, but genetically we’re not connected. I sure as heck don’t think of you as my sister. I’ve never felt like ripping off Brittani’s clothes.”
“Thank, God,” she muttered.
When he kissed her again, she molded herself against him. There was only so much a man could take. Stefan slid a hand up her leg, his fingers caressing the softness of her inner thighs. “Stay with me tonight,” he pleaded. “It will be good between us.”
He felt her stiffen and sensed there was some inner war going on. For heaven's sake, it wasn’t as if they were strangers, or people who’d recently met. He pressed his advantage, sticking his tongue in her ear. This time her moan was loud and needy. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. His hand crept up way beyond her thigh, finding the satin of her panties, and massaging her nub.  This time Rianna’s cry was both primal and guttural and he didn’t waste time two stepping her to the bed  that was less than a foot away. With care and a lot more finesse than he thought he had in him, he began disrobing her. Earlier that day and because he’d been hopeful, he’d picked up a couple of condoms from Duane Reade, the drug store that seemed to be on every block.  Still, he  needed to be sure she  wanted this as much as he wanted it to happen. So he checked in with her.
“Just say the word and I’ll stop,” he said, feeling like a complete wus for having to check in. But considering  the events reporting in the news  and the Me Too Movement, he wanted to make sure he was not misreading the signs and crossing any boundaries.
“Stop? Why?” Rianna appeared genuinely puzzled.
“I don’t want to overstep.”
 Yea, he’d gotten the green light. As excited as he was, he would have put on the brakes if she’d hesitated for even a milli-second.  Clothes flew everywhere. Nude, Rianna was a feast in itself.  He paused only to look at her beautiful body; the body he’d been dreaming of these last few days.   “God, you’re beautiful.” The words flew out.
“You are too,” she said running a hand over his naked body, and  cupping his scrotum, making him want to take her there and then. He’d only imagined being here in his dreams, and he had to remember  making love wasn’t  just all about him.