Seducing Circe

Still reeling from a recent break up, public relations executive, Charise Tempel goes to New Orleans to find her client Zamora. The hip-hop artist is a notorious train wreck. Most recently she left the scene of an accident. If she doesn't show up for court it could mean serious jail time.

Charise is determined to preserve her quirky client's reputation and at the same time heal her own heart.

Benoit Le Piane is on a quest of his own. He's been hired to shut down a drug and prostitution ring operating out of Charise's hotel. Benoit lost his sister to drugs and the street.

When Benoit first runs into the ebony beauty she appears intoxicated and he suspects she might be a hooker. Charise insists that someone must have drugged her. Thinking her reputation might be at stake, she lies about her name.

A tentative relationship ensues. But can it survive an action-packed Mardi Gras and differences that go way beyond skin color?