Hot Shot Doc
marcia king-gamble


Dr. Grant St. Jour, a wealthy and prominent Manhattan surgeon was once the go to person in orthopedic surgery. Grant specialized in sports-related injuries. In his youth he was a promising athlete, but an injury cost Grant his basketball scholarship, but did open up the door to a lucrative career in sports medicine. Grant is still grateful to the mentor who encouraged him to get an education and keep his grades up. Now he gives back to the community by mentoring inner city kids.


A prominent athlete‘s knee surgery gets botched and although Grant is not the operating surgeon, his swanky eastside clinic gets bad publicity. Grant blames himself for going on a date and handing the surgery off to another doctor. The athlete is forced into early retirement and Grant decides he needs to make some life changes. He moves to the outskirts of Miami and practices at a small hospital. His goal is to disappear into obscurity.

On a flight returning from a class reunion in New York, Grant answers the flight crew‘s page for a doctor. A woman, Eboni (no last name,) seated in First Class needs attention. Turns out she is a new up and coming plus-size model. Eboni is suffering from exhaustion from too little food and not enough sleep. There’s nothing seriously wrong that a well balanced meal and eight hours of sleep wouldn’t fix. Grant thinks she’s loud, flashy and a bit of publicity hound, yet he is intrigued by the model’s larger than life personality and her face.

Grant keeps things on a professional level and after examining Eboni, attempts to return to his coach class seat. Eboni has other plans for him, and insists he take the vacant seat next to her. When the plane lands in Miami, the paparazzi are all over them. A reluctant Grant is featured in the media and this brings up all sorts of memories of why he shut down his Manhattan practice. It’s assumed Eboni and Grant are a couple.

But Grant has no patience with what he perceives to be frivolous young women. In his high profile days, he’s dated a few, only to quickly discover, his income, not his personality, was what mattered. Eboni is much too caught up in her glitzy world. It’s the kind of lifestyle Grant avoids.

His new life revolves around the farm, spending time with his retired horses and greyhounds, and working at the small hospital with the philosophy, ‘no ill child is turned away because of their inability to pay.’ Grant’s aloofness is often mistaken for arrogance.

Eboni is a child of the streets. She’s had a tough upbringing. She and her brother, Josh are products of the foster care system. Today she’s single handedly raising her smart, streetwise brother.

Being a model is an entirely different life from the one Eboni’s known. The money will allow her to give Josh the home they never had, and the education he needs. Eboni’s way of giving back is to set up a non-profit foundation to help homeless children find decent homes.

Josh, age 16, is a promising athlete with his sights set on the NBA (National Basketball Association.) He’s a bright kid but his grades are so-so. Eboni is pushing him to go to college.

The hospital hosts a fund raiser and Eboni is asked to stand in for a local celebrity. She bids on Dr. Grant St. Jour who is being auctioned. Eboni hopes he’ll agree to be her foundation’s spokesperson, and plans on using their weekend on Paradise Island, Nassau to convince him of that. Grant is not pleased, because spending time with Eboni means being hounded by the paparazzi again.

The hospital’s donations increase when Grant and Eboni again make front page news. The weekend away turns romantic and the two sleep together. Now they are forced to spend even more time together when the hospital puts pressure on them to appear at various fund raising events. Though they have opposing goals, the chemistry between the two is undeniable Eboni wants to make it big as a model in New York City, while Grant prefers his low profile life on the farm.

Eboni has heard Josh speak about a man who’s helped him improve his jump shot, but never given it much thought. When Josh is injured during a game, he begs to be taken to Miami Pediatric Medical and to Dr. Grant, his mentor. Josh needs surgery and Grant who hasn’t performed surgery since New York, operates on him.

Grant has bonded with the street-smart kid. He’s been encouraging Josh to get his grades up so that he can continue to play ball and eventually get a scholarship. When he runs into Eboni during visitors’ hours, she yells at him for encouraging her brother’s athletic dreams.

Despite their differences, a grudging admiration and respect develops. Eboni has more substance than Grant previously thought. She challenges him to return to surgery. Eboni also appreciates Grant’s interest in Josh, especially when her brother’s grades improve. Their joint goal now is to get Josh to college.

When Eboni has a modeling shoot in New York, Josh begs to stay on Grant’s farm. And Eboni soon finds out the big city isn’t all its cracked up to be. She’s mugged her first week, and the client is a dirty old man. The city turns out to be a lonely place for a single woman.

Homesick, and feeling out of her element, a distraught Eboni turns to Grant for comfort. He’s one of the few people she can trust. Grant flies to New York to bring her home and admits he loves her. Eboni’s been right all along. If they leverage their celebrity status, they can ensure homeless kids find good homes.

Grant suggests he and Eboni combine households. The farm can be their retreat from the world’s madness. When Eboni has a modeling assignment in New York, she’ll stay at Grant’ apartment and he and Josh will visit. This way Eboni and Josh will have a permanent home, and Grant, after a tough day in surgery, can come home to the farm and his family.