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Greetings from The Big Easy!

Cheers to You!

Yes, you guessed it. I’m in New Orleans, and it’s beginning to feel a whole lot like Christmas up here.

A great start to the day was breakfast at The Ruby Slipper. Gotta love that name. Shrimp and French toast never tasted so good, and then of course there was a Bellini and a custom made latte to wash it all down. This added more than a spot of joy.

Next on my list, the French Market for gifts you’d never find in Florida. Of course NOLA, being NOLA, it came with a fun parade. This one had a marching band, a stilt walker, and several of Santa’s elves. Music always gets me into a holiday mood.

What else is new? Well, By Design has a new cover. Doesn’t every romantic, holiday story need a festive, new dress? Take a peek here and tell me if the artist did the cover justice.

Another brand new holiday story is Kwanzaa ‘pon A Time. You can find both at Amazon and Barnes and Noble at these links: and here

Here’s an excerpt from Kwanzaa ‘pon A time.

Mac pushed up his sleeve, showing Elan the tattoo that matched.

“You already have a best man,” Fergie quickly interjected. She and Jen exchanged looks.

“Oh, Cory won’t mind. He didn’t want to be in the wedding party anyway. This solves two issues and now Fergie has a date.”

She was going to strangle her brother. Punch him in his good eye. Last Christmas, as the lyrics in the background said, she’d given him her heart. This year he’d given it away to a stranger. The ingrate had just made her sound like some desperate loser who couldn’t find a date on her own. Elan more than anyone should know she’d been too busy breathing life back into him to cultivate a relationship. She’d been so intent on taking care of him that she couldn’t make anyone she met work. She’d buried herself in him.

“But I do mind,” Fergie said, “You’re palming me off on your friend without consulting either of us.”

“This is perfect,” her traitorous brother said, “You need an escort. Cory would rather be with his girlfriend at the ceremony, and Mac here is single. Besides, we promised each other. A promise is a promise.”

“Bradley escorting me isn’t part of that promise.”

Could it get an any worse? Elan was making her sound like a hard-up spinster. She wanted to crawl under the newly decorated tree and shrivel up.

Jen tossed Fergie a sympathetic look and attempted to shush up Elan, but Elan would not be shushed.

Here’s Wish I could give him away, instead, I'm giving away two holiday ornaments to the first two people to message me with their favorite holiday story.
��Happy Holidays All!

Romantically Yours,

Marcia King-Gamble
Editor -- Romantically Yours

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