Embrace the Exotic
marcia king-gamble

How is everyone?,

It’s hard to believe the year is already winding down and the holidays are ahead of us. I love Halloween, but not sure if this year I will be celebrating. Why? Well, I have this wonderful opportunity to be in Europe on the 31st. The plan is to spend two days in Barcelona. One of those days I planned a food and wine tour. I am so looking forward to it.

I’ll be boarding the ship on the 31st and hoping that on a European cruise ship, Halloween will be celebrated in fine style. Regardless, I plan on being costume ready.

Despite Rome, Marseille and Naples being on the itinerary, the highlight of this cruise will be the visit to Tunisia. It’s a place I have never been, but I am so looking forward to visiting at least one souk. My heart lies in the shopping.

As for the writing side of the business, I’ve ventured into the world of Kindle Vella. Visit me at amazon.com/kindle-vella, writing as Sari Smith and Marcia King-Gamble.

Estate of Mine, written by Sari, is set on a sunny Caribbean Island. Two childhood friends inherit the same house and are forced to live in it together or neither can collect their inheritance.

HotShot Doc is a story of opposites attracting. High maintenance, plus-size model, Eboni (with an i), literally falls into the arms of a disgraced cosmetic surgeon. The doctor’s only wish is to get lost in his work, but Eboni makes that impossible.

The good news is that the first three episodes of each story are free.

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Have a great rest of the year all.

Romantically Yours,

Marcia King-Gamble